First Välinge SPC Flooring Licensee In Malaysia

Eng Joo Industries Sdn Bhd is one of the first manufacturers for cutting-edge SPC flooring in Malaysia and the very first Välinge SPC flooring licensee in Malaysia. Previously focusing in precision plastic manufacturing (Eng Joo Precision Plastic Sdn Bhd) for close to 30 years, our team brings invaluable industry experience alongside the use of manufacturing automation to assure premium and distinct quality SPC flooring at Eng Joo Industries.

In addition to our precision manufacturing capabilities, we adopt the Swedish Innovative Technology by Välinge Innovation for our SPC flooring locking systems to enable fast, easy and robust floor installations without using glue. Currently, all our SPC flooring products come with Välinge licensed 2G locking systems, with plans underway to launch wall panelling products with Välinge licensed 5G®, 5G® Dry™, 5G® Climb™ locking systems.

100% localised and based in Malaysia, we operates a SPC flooring factory, which offers a strategic advantage in Southeast Asia. With shorter lead times, seamless communication, and superior production quality, we cater to customers in the region effectively and deliver exceptional flooring solutions in bulk quantity across the world.

At Eng Joo Industries Sdn Bhd, we are committed to becoming a trusted partner for our customers. We work with flooring distributors, wholesalers, OEM flooring companies and interior designers from all across Southeast Asia. At every step we take, from raw material selection to product delivery, we ensure to deliver quality and reliability for our clients.

Why Eng Joo Industries?

Precision, Performance, and Perfection – That’s Eng Joo Industries

Discover the essence of exceptional flooring. We craft timeless SPC flooring with uncompromising quality. 

Our commitment to quality-assured raw materials ensures consistent excellence in every product, setting new standards in durability and longevity.


Superior Quality

We streamline our production with strict quality control systems, automation and innovative technologies which ensure consistent outputs of high-quality products made to stand the test of time and satisfy our customers’ needs.


Efficient Lead Time

Our production is 100% localised and based in Malaysia. This gives us the competitive advantage to support our customers across Southeast Asia whenever they need fast order-to-delivery lead time and quick responses.


Built with Innovative Technology

We are licensed by the Swedish company Välinge Innovation to manufacture flooring products with innovative locking systems that enhance the ease of SPC flooring installations and product durability.

Reach out to us for reliable SPC flooring solutions, we are just a call away !

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