Installation instructions for LVT/SPC/WPC

Important information
  • Packages must be acclimated a minimum of 24 to 48 hours prior to installation in the room where the installation will take place.
  • In rooms larger than 10 x 10 m (100 m2), the flooring must be installed in smaller sections with expansion joints.
  • The distance to walls and other permanent pieces of construction elements (such as pillars and kitchen islands) should be approximately 5 mm.
  • Never install very heavy pieces of furniture such as kitchen islands/cabinets on top of the flooring.
  • The indoor climate should have a temperature between 15-23°C and relative air humidity between 30-60% (according to Swedish Standards Institute).
  • Always follow the floor manufacturers requirements and specifications regarding subfloor preparation.
General installation instructions

First plank, first row

Place a spacer with predicted thickness to the left and position the panel against the wall.

Later, after 3 rows, you can easily position the flooring against the front wall with predicted spacers.

Second plank, first row

Press the short end of the next plank at an angle
to the first one, and then fold down.

Complete the first row in the same way.

At the end of the first row, put a spacer to the wall and measure the length of the last panel to fit.

Second row

First panel min length > 400 mm.

Put a spacer against the left wall.

Staggered joint distance i.e. minimum distance between short ends of panels in parallel rows shall not be less than the given length.

Place the plank and angle against the plank in the previous row, press forward and fold down at the same time. Leave the plank in a somewhat up angled position when the planks start to lock. To make this further easier, a wedge with the suitable angle can be placed under the plank near the short side joint as support.

Second plank, second row

Place the short end of the plank at an angle against the previous installed plank and fold down all the way.

Push to slide the plank against the row in front so it aligns with the first plank. Put it down like the first plank positioned tightly together. The first / previous plank can now be folded completely down to horizontal position and if a wedge is used it can be moved to the next short end joint.

After 2-3 rows.

Adjust the distance to the front wall by placing distances.

Keep the distances in position during the entire time of installation and remove once the installation is completed.

Last row (and perhaps also first row).

Minimum width 50 mm. Place a spacer to the wall before measuring. Make a simple drawing tool (piece of wood with a hole) and mark the panel along the wall. Cut the panels lengthwise including the flexible tongues.

Installation around radiator / heating pipes

Drill holes two times larger than the diameter of the pipes. Remove a piece of the panel with a utility knife. Put the panel on one side of the pipes and the removed piece on the other side.

When angling is not possible

Remove the vertical locking part of the strip with a chisel, put applicable glue on the strip and push the panels horizontally together. Place some spacers between last board and the wall.

Dismantling panels

Separate the whole row by carefully lifting up and release the whole row.

Fold up the row and release the whole long side.

Disassemble the panels by angling the short sides up vertically.